The New Code of Ethical Medical Practice (Mecomed) allows for the Indirect Sponsorship of HCPs through a Grant to the ECS Society. This grant is used to provide travel grants/awards to HCPs or Hospitals and potentially manages logistics. Mecomed regulated company can provide HCP segmentation/profiles or accounts – but cannot identify individual HCPs.

To download the Educational Grant Requests (EGR) guidelines please click on the button.


Item Cost
Full conference registration:
This will be complimentary as the cost associated with registration falls with the DDR, room rental, welcome pack which is minimally guaranteed to secure the hotel.
3 nights’ accommodation at a the congress hotel* Oct 2-5. 4 nights will be applicable to those from countries where flight timings are subject to limited options particularly in the North Africa region.
*This per night rate is subject to availability and is based on receiving a contract within the deadlines
USD 840 (3 nights)
USD 1120 (4 nights)
Flight ticket to and from the conference in economy class. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable nor upgradable.
USD 700
Airport Transfer:
Airport transfer fees to and from the airport of arrival to the congress venue where delegates will be residing.
USD 80
Handling fee:
10% of accommodation & flight., covers travel agency fees on arranging logistics.
USD 160 (3 nights)
USD 190 (4 nights)
TOTAL PER PHYSICIAN (Middle East) USD 1780 (3 nights)
USD 2090 (4 nights)


Regulated companies are allowed to share with the congress organizer following details:

  • Number of HCPs
  • Profile of HCPs (Specialty or Specialties, Area of interests, Experience)
  • Name of the Account
  • Contact Details of Department Head/Medical Director


Mr. Basil Kadara

Cell: +971 50 929 9239


  • Regulated companies will communicate with the conference organizer, which will contact the Department head/Medical Director asking him to nominate a HCP from the department.
  • The conference organizer will consequently manage the invitation and logistics.
  • Regulated companies must not be asked directly by HCPs.
  • Regulated companies must not identify individual HCPs.
  • Department Head/Medical Director contacted by 3rd party cannot nominate himself/herself to the congress.
  • Confirmation of the number of Sponsored HCPS is non revocable and you will be cross charged the full amount whether the Account identified a HCP or not, and whether the HCP attend or not.