Experience hands-on training, interactive case discussions, and more in the Interactive Learning Lab! This unique educational opportunity puts new technology in your hands and offers a selection of stations to augment learning that takes place in the traditional session rooms.

Hands-On Echo Simulation

  • This hands-on workshop uses a live model and an echo simulator to obtain basic 2D echo images. It provides intensive repetition of echo images to improve image recognition in a short time frame and gives CV team members an appreciation for normal cardiac anatomy by 2D echo. Attendees can also obtain their own images on a live model under expert guidance.

Challenging Clinical Case Discussions

  • Join subject matter experts in engaging discussions on real life cases submitted by attendees. These sessions will offer high interactivity for participants using an open Q&A forum.

Personalized Skills Area (iPads)

  • Learn at your leisure and sharpen your core cardiology skills with Heart Songs and ECG Drill & Practice. These modules provide a uniquely dynamic learning opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Heart Songs 5

  • Research reveals that cardiologists fail to identify more than half of basic murmurs and about 35 percent of advanced murmurs when challenged at a major medical meeting, but skills improved after a 90-minute Heart Songs training session. Heart Songs 5 provides you with everything you need to effortlessly improve your cardiac auscultation skills! Heart Songs 5 will help you:
    • Prepare for the cardiac exam of the future by learning the complementary role of handheld echo in the bedside detection of heart sounds. Heart Songs 5 includes basic, intermediate, expert, and adult congenital murmurs, plus images of phonocardiograms, CT scans and videos of color Doppler echocardiograms. These visual enhancements will facilitate your understanding and mastery of many heart murmurs/sounds.
    • Master cardiac auscultation by reviewing the auditory characteristics and handheld echo findings of each heart sound.


    First, pick a track and assess your baseline skills by taking a confidential pretest. Then simply view videos featuring classic heart murmurs accompanied by phonocardiograms and color Doppler echoes. Each video includes hundreds of repetitions of its murmur, and studies show that simple repetition is all you need to master a new sound. Watch the videos as many times as necessary to see a significant improvement on your posttest scores (most people need to watch 2 to 4 times). Each Heart Songs track takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and sessions are self-paced.

    Heart Songs makes sure you know what your stethoscope is telling you!


ECG Drill & Practice

  • Improve your ECG interpretation skills with ECG Drill & Practice. This program reviews key findings in clinical electrocardiography and contains a self-assessment ECG test, featuring the format and answer options similar to those of the ABIM’s certifying examination in cardiovascular disease. It’s a great resource for anyone preparing for initial Board certification in CV disease and for anyone looking to hone their ECG interpretation skills.Three convenient modes let you use this product in whatever way best meets your needs.
    • Learn Mode: Teaches you how to recognize & differentiate ECGs across the topics above.
    • Drill & Practice Mode: Shows you ECG “flash cards” that you can practice interpreting. Turn each card over to see the answer and explanation.
    • Perform Mode: Practice interpreting ECGs using the ABIM’s interpretation list. Receive detailed commentary on how your answer compares to the experts’.


    Brush up on a core cardiology skill with ECG Drill & Practice’s 100+ ECGs and expert insight!